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            2. 濱海泰豐醫藥化工有限公司
              Stugeron [637-07-0]
              flunarizin [52468-60-7]
              Cloquintoc [99607-70-2]
              Clodinafop [105512-06-9]
              Cyhalofop ... [122008-85-9]
              Isopentyl [110-46-3]
              1,2,4-1H-T [288-88-0]
              Bromodiphe [776-74-9]
              3-Chloropr [624-65-7]
              2-heptanol [543-49-7]
              2-Chloroni... [2942-59-8]

              Our company was founded in 1985. We are a specialized fine chemical, pharmachemical and agrochemical developer and manufacturer.

              We have advanced labs and workshops and complete waste treatment facility. We supply APIs, API intermediates and fine chemicals to our customers worldwide.

              At the same time, we founded Binhai Taifeng Pharm-Chemical Co.,Ltd.(Binhai Kangdequan Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd.,Ningxia Kangdequan Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd.) in Yancheng Yanhai Chemical Park in 2005, and will continue to offer customers high quality products and services.

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